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Since the UME program began in 1991, the investigations have determined causes for just 32 of 63 declared events.

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The declaration also comes just one day after a whale was found ashore near Chadwick Beach in Ocean County.

(The type of that whale is as yet undetermined.) Humpback whale found dead in N. river An "unusual mortality event" is defined by the Marine Mammal Protection Act as "a stranding that is unexpected; involves a significant die-off of any marine mammal population; and demands immediate response." The average number of humpback whales found stranded annually from Maine to North Carolina is 14 per year.

It will also feature products and information from other regions.

So, on the first night of Taste Camp 2013 in Quebec, we went to a beer tasting in Montreal. I want to say that I am not a beer expert, and that my observations are not worth as much as a professional beer writer or amateur enthusiast.

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