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That’s when star Carl Radke gets flirty with Stassi, calling her out for even trying an app. “Stassi needs some tough love,” Katie notes in an interview. She doesn’t need to go that far, but maybe, like, a hand on the boob or, like, an OTP HJ, which is an over-the-pant hand job.” WATCH: The Ultimate Drinking Game -- Invented by Stassi, Katie and Kristen!Katie pulls Stassi aside to see if she’s interested in anyone at the party, and Stassi admits she would normally go for a guy like Carl -- but won’t this time. ’” WATCH: Stassi Schroeder Calls ‘Darwinism at Its Finest’ The action then heads back to the beach, where Stassi’s dating life continues to be a hot topic.“I was on, like, a dating app and I literally -- I feel like I could barely, like, ‘like’ one person,” she announces.Prior to the airing of the episode, a fan reacted to the news of Taylor's appearance on Twitter, writing, "Ahhhhh [Stassi Schroeder] is gonna have [Jax Taylor] on her podcast? Although Schroeder and Taylor didn't initially respond to the comment, Taylor weighed in on the potential drama after the episode was taped.In a message to the fan on July 6, he wrote, "Well it's [too] late now either way." Stassi Schroeder began dating Meager after the 2nd season of wrapped filming..colormag-button,blockquote,button,input[type=reset],input[type=button],input[type=submit]#site-title a,a:hover,.previous a:hover,.social-links i.fa:hover,search-top:hover#site-navigation.home-icon.front_page_on,.main-navigation a:hover,.main-navigation ul li ul li a:hover,.main-navigation ul li ul a:hover#content .wp-pagenavi .current,#content .wp-pagenavi a:hover,.format-link .entry-content a,.pagination span.pagination a span:hover#content .comments-area a.comment-edit-link:hover,#content .comments-area a.comment-permalink:hover,#content .comments-area article header cite a:hover,.comments-area .comment-author-link a:hover.comments-area .comment-author-link span.comment .comment-reply-link:hover,.nav-next a,.nav-previous a#secondary .widget-title#secondary .widget-title span.“I have quite a few breakdowns,” Stassi revealed during a recent sit-down interview with ET.

While the blonde bombshell was single back when most of Season 2 was filming, now we all know that Stassi has found love again! I’m really happy,” Stassi exclusively told “For the first time, I feel like this is what being in love is supposed to feel like.

“Five years from now, 10 years from now, if we came back into each other's lives [maybe]... It's not like there wasn't enough love, that was there.” WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Katie Stassi & Kristen Call Season 5 'Darwinism at Its Finest' Now, for the first time in a long time, Stassi is back in the dating game!

but I'm using my head about the situation.” The podcast host also made it clear – she’s still a big fan of her ex. But make no mistake, she’s set up some rules for herself.

This person makes me realize that all those other relationships were just getting me to him.” Who’s the lucky guy?

That would be Patrick Meagher, who hosts a Sirius XM show called .

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