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And, in a few years, I can’t wait to introduce my little girl to Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.For girls who grew up in the eighties, Anne of Green Gables was seminal TV viewing. Anne’s hair became especially huge in Anne of Avonlea. Now, don’t forget this was also an eighties expression of a Gibson do. Well, I like to say Reign is the 24 of the pre-Renaissance.Megan Follows played Anne, the irascible, melodrama-loving orphan heroine of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s coming-of-age stories. You had two dangerously large hairdo periods colliding. I think we’re going to take a lot of liberties with history, as well as extend it over a longer period of time. I thought it was great that it was a woman, a young woman, and that it was also sexy.Twenty-eight years later, the Canadian actress is back in another series aimed at young girls, this one far racier than her last. I think perhaps some of those hairdos were a little too big for the size of my head. What did you think of the masturbation scene in the premiere? It wasn’t just that she ran upstairs and got excited and all of a sudden a man appears.

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His father, David Crombie, is the former Mayor of Toronto and Canadian federal Cabinet Minister.He appeared on the television series Class of '96 starring Peter Horton.Jonathan Crombie (October 12, 1966 – April 15, 2015) was a Canadian actor and voice over, best known for playing Gilbert Blythe in CBC Television's 1985 telefilm Anne of Green Gables and its two sequels. I have this hot and heavy scene with a very beautiful actress. But with Anne and Diana, I like to think it’s a true reflection of the time, that girls particularly when they are young and close, really do love each other. It’s a pretty sexual expression, and it may be whatever it becomes but that’s really the basis of Anne’s story. Catherine’s got hunky Nostradamus helping her scheme. She’s fiercely loyal to her son, so it’s not like she’s just malicious. And who wouldn’t want hunky Nostradamus as a sidekick?Canadian actor who played the role of Gilbert Blythe in the 1985 television film Anne of Green Gables and its sequels.

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