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[Stream Isabelle Huppert stars in this steamy French take on the May-December relationship.A fashion executive becomes obsessed with a young bisexual hustler who knows how to heat things up in the bedroom but leaves her wanting more emotionally.Considered a promising avant-garde director in the 1960s and 70s who employed a highly experimental editing- and camera- style, this early period was referred as rebellious, anarchistic and experimental and he has been called the “Antonioni of the 70s”.This early period includes films such as After refusing to include footage of Penthouse centerfolds shoots, he was fired and locked out of the editing room.Within this context, Tinto Brass movies of the time have made him the cultured representative of 1970s Italian erotic cinema.Even though his early work includes many critically acclaimed avant-garde films of various genres, he is today mainly known for his later work in the realm of erotica.He revealed that he had been forced to kill each of them because they were about to make love to him, and he couldn't face the fact that he was impotent.When Anne explained that Bluebeard was mother-fixated, she bared her breasts to him - and he turned away, proving her point.

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You won't need subtitles to understand the full-frontal nudity on display throughout this steamy flick. You can jump in at any episode and not have to catch up on anything. Things get steamy between these two women as the couple is forced to examine their lives together.Guccione has botched the film and added hardcore sex scenes, which led to Brass removing his name from the credits.When the movie came out, the public was shocked and the critics described it as .The film's poster revealed the entire plot - and the many demises of Bluebeard's unfortunate wives: It told about the evil and sadistic Count Bluebeard - Baron von Sepper/Bluebeard (Richard Burton), a WWI biplane flying ace with a blue-colored beard.He was an Austrian aristocrat, avant-garde photographer, and predatory husband who lived in a castle.

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