Evernham dating erin

While discussing a taping of an upcoming episode of his show "Ameri Carna" on Velocity, Evernham said he would have to wait until after his wife's pregnancy.

"We're building a special race car for Crocker," Evernham said.

Much like professional sports teams, Evernham incorporated choreography, put his crew members through strength and agility training, and analyzed pit stops on film between races to point out spots where his crew excelled or could improve.

"But Ford paid my salary to go and work for Bill Davis, because Jeff wanted me there so bad." Evernham remained the crew chief for Gordon after he moved up into the Winston Cup (now Sprint Cup) for Hendrick Motorsports from the final race of the 1992 season to 1999.

- "NASCAR gossip peeves Evernham" Ray Evernham says his personal life has no impact on his Nextel Cup team.

But he admits the discussion of his personal life could be damaging for a high-profile owner whose three cars answer to more than 60 image-conscious sponsors paying the bills to keep Evernham Motorsports in NASCAR's premier series. "Obviously what people are saying, maybe it makes our partners nervous or whatever.

He has created enough money to spend over the next few generations.

His love and passion for racing and car modification is the main reason behind his wealth and assets.

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"It's something that she's always wanted, and it was really special when it happened," Evernham said. Life is amazing, and we've got our son, Ray J, who is just a wonderful person.His determinism and devotion in motorsports has paved the way for him in both the racing and technology industries.He worked on bringing the IROC series back to life, this gave him the chance to work with the world’s best racers.I've got to just keep showing people that my personal life doesn't affect this business.My son battled leukemia for 2½ years while we were in the middle of championship battles. "The bottom line is I'm here and working, and there should be enough faith in my past history and the person that I am." "I'm hurt by it, but I'm not going to be bitter.

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