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Lori) so if the piece you’re examining is perfectly finished without shallow cuts being evident, this clue points to it being made in the late 1800s or beyond.

Smaller “matching” elements, such as wooden drawer knobs, chair spindles, or feet on a variety of objects, may have slight differences in the shape if they were hand crafted prior to 1860 or so.

With every page available in thumbnail, small preview, full-size view and ready-to-print PDF with live text, and page-by-page browse of editions, this is one of the easiest on-line newspaper archives to explore.

We have seen estimates as late as 4 CE and as early as the second century BCE.You can also download a form, particularly if you plan to use folio numbers sourced from microfiche indexes or the NZSG New Zealand Marriages 1836–1956 CD-Rom index database, or if you don’t know the folio number but you know the year.Archives New Zealand guide Archives New Zealand’s Personal Identity research guide describes records relating to marriages and deaths: specifically Intentions to Marry (for the whole of New Zealand for the period 1856–1956) and coroners’ inquests, probates, as well as other records including adoption information.You can find a newspaper from an important date – which could be your birthday (if you want to know what happened on the day you were born, search the day after your birthday).Or search for all editions covering your chosen topic, team or personality’s greatest moments.

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