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There's no special woman in Val's life other than his mom."________Do we have a new love match on our hands?)The eyewitness adds that the pair were laughing and looking at their phones while dining, and after Val picked up the check, the twosome "started walking together and Val put his arm around her and pulled her close to him.We eventually found Artemis on, and she looked unblemished relative to everything at the dealership and cost a large factor less.As with cars and bikes, buying used can save lots of cash.ARM and TSMC have had a joint agreement in place for several years to collaborate on R&D work and early validation on process nodes, and they’ve announced a major milestone in that process.As of yesterday, ARM is announcing that it has successfully validated a new 10nm Fin FET design at TSMC.The one thing the stories have in common is that she has a twin brother named Apollo, who is also one of the Olympic gods, and that she was born on the island of Delos.

There are several conflicting stories concerning Artemis’s birth.But after nearly two months of coaxing her into some quiet wilderness spots, we’re convinced that Artemis was indeed the right choice for us. And we’re now sitting in the pine forests at 8,000 feet outside of Durango, Colorado, planning for a weekend bike race, watching it snow, and working, so bear with us because we feel inspired. Before purchase (no, we’re not sponsored), we looked at lots of trailers and immediately were drawn to the Airstream quality.In case you missed it, we called her Artemis after the Greek goddess of the wilderness, who has and continues to inspire us to stretch our day-to-day existences. Many Airstreams are on the road 20, 30, and even 50 years after they were built—that’s important because we hate planned obsolescence.Instead, it’s purpose is to function as a validation tool and early reference design that helps both TSMC and ARM understand the specifics of the 10nm Fin FET process as it moves towards commercial viability.One of the features that pure-play foundries like TSMC offer their customers are tools and libraries specifically designed to match the capabilities of each process node.

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